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Quality Residential Electrical Services

Our licensed and insured service technicians will make sure your electrical service is properly working in your home. We’ll assess the condition of your panels, wiring, and other components and let you know if you need any replacements or not. The wiring in your home is very important and having us come and check it for you can benefit you in so many ways!

Our Residential Services

- Electric service replacement

- New and old house wiring

- Code violation repairs

- Water heater installation and service

- Smoke and CO detector installation

- Electrical installation and service

- Wiring: Hot tubs & Swimming pool equipment

- Home electrical service upgrades

- Outdoor lighting

Commercial & Industrial Services

Other Services

If you have a commercial establishment, it’s important to have an experienced contractor perform electrical work on your business. Learn more about the commercial and industrial services we offer!

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We always use the most high quality materials and take our time to ensure your home’s electrical system is running the way it’s supposed to in the safest way possible!